2008-03-27 14:38:02     memory allocation

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2008-03-27 14:38:02     memory allocation

Linux Newbie (INDIA)

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We are facing some problem in our application.


In our application we are declaring some global buffers.


Once the kernel is booted, using ftp we are downloading the application into our target hardware.


On executing the code, we see that global buffers address in the range 0x3000000. In the DCPLB_DATAx register value shows that this range is non-cachable.


How to place this buffers in cachable area. Is it possible to do it in user-space?




2008-03-27 15:26:39     Re: memory allocation

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 53165    do not look at the cplb registers directly.  review /proc/cplbinfo.  by default, all memory is defined as cache except for the dma region at the end of memory.  if this is not the case on your system, then you've most likely changed something.  change it back then.