2008-03-27 12:36:56     mmc_spi - another MMC/SD card driver.

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2008-03-27 12:36:56     mmc_spi - another MMC/SD card driver.

Hans Eklund (SWEDEN)

Message: 53150    I see a few people asking and having trouble with the spi_mmc driver. There is another diver comming from the mainline Linux source tree called /drivers/mmc/host/mmc_spi.c. Im just about to test it vs. Blackfin, anyone intersted in the progress can follow it in this tracker:




No concurrent access on this driver yet either. In its current state it needs to be alone on the bus. It can be tested with the Rubico MMC/SD or any other expansion as usual. Only uClinux-dist SVN head will do to test this driver.


To clearify, note the difference in naming here:

/drivers/mmc/host/mmc_spi.c - "new" driver, uses linux MMC stack(present in kernels 2.6.24)


/drivers/mmc/spi_mmc/spi_mmc_core.c - "old" driver(not present in mainline Linux kernel)




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