2008-03-26 06:07:54     Way to load and boot a slave blackfin

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2008-03-26 06:07:54     Way to load and boot a slave blackfin

Laurent Brard (FRANCE)

Message: 53045    Hello,


For a new project requiring network services and V34 modems, I was planning to use a BF561, one core running uClinux and the other core doing the modem processing with the help of a third party modem library compiled with vdsp.

I am facing 2 issues:

- The difficulty of integrating a vdsp app on coreB from uClinux (I know you guys don't like it much...)

- Potential external memory contention issues (the modem library requires quite a bit of external memory and almost a full core processing when running standalone) between the 2 cores.


So I am considering using 2 blackfins instead. One running uClinux that would load and boot the second one either in serial (BF537) or spi slave mode using a ldr file. Which one would you recommend (serial or spi) ? Has this been done before? Would you think of a better idea?


Thank you in advance,








2008-03-26 10:40:55     Re: Way to load and boot a slave blackfin

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 53059    we have seen people boot slave Blackfins via SPI (where one is running Linux and sends the LDR over SPI to the other Blackfins as slaves), but we've never tested it ourselves ... but now that i think about it, we should be able to easily test this with only like 4 wire wraps and two stamp boards ...


what difficulty are you thinking of wrt CoreB ?  if you design the memory layout correctly so that there's no contention between the two cores, you could load up anything into CoreB.  our coreb loader app supports VDSP ELFs (since the ELFs created by VDSP are broken from a loading perspective in like one way).