2008-03-16 11:34:02     TFT driver - timing?

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2008-03-16 11:34:02     TFT driver - timing?

Sebastian B (GERMANY)

Message: 52571    Hi everyone,


I am currently having a look at the bfin-lq035 driver in order to adapt it to another LCD. I do not quite understand the timing yet: The different sync signals are generated from the Blackfin timers (some started with delay) and the vertical black porch is generated using DMA descriptors. So far everything is clear.

Looking at the LQ035 datasheet I believe there shouldn't be any HSYNC (in this case LP and SPL) pulses in the vertical black porch. I can see no changes in the timer setup in that time though. Did I miss something or will it work even with these additional pulses?


Thanks in advance :-)