2008-03-04 10:43:11     In-System update strategies?

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2008-03-04 10:43:11     In-System update strategies?

Simon Budig (GERMANY)

Message: 52032    Hi all.


Currently we have our complete image in the initramdisk, which unfortunately eats a lot of memory. We want to move some (temporarily needed) components into a cramfs.


The first thought was, do move everything into the cramfs, however, this (probably) would prevent us from updating the system via the web frontend, since we would be unable to unmount the cramfs for the update process.


So when we have both an initramfs and a cramfs we could kill all that stuff that needs the cramfs and umount it for reflashing.


So, assuming we need both the initramfs and the cramfs - is there a precedence in the uclinux-dist build-process on how to separate the content of these two directories?


Or do you have better suggestions?







2008-03-04 11:03:21     Re: In-System update strategies?

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 52033    i dont think there's any precedence for generating multiple images for portions of the root filesystem in the dist.  since the image target is controlled on a per-vendor/board basis, you should be able to tweak your Makefile to do what you need.




2008-03-13 10:08:01     Re: In-System update strategies?


Message: 52458    Simon:


Did you just look at putting things into JFFS2?