2008-03-11 19:44:06     Lighttpd Blackfin CGI framework

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2008-03-11 19:44:06     Lighttpd Blackfin CGI framework

Philippe Le Gal (FRANCE)

Message: 52355    Hi


With your help, I successfully build and run Lighttpd-1.4.19 on a Blackfin 537 Stamp board.


Now, I'm looking for some advices to choose a CGI framework :


First I need to choose the langage :


- shell , C, C++, Perl, PHP ?


Is there any simple framework to build light dynamic/graphic html pages  with some of these languages  ?


I know that PHP can do the job on webserver, but on Blackfin ???


Thank for any advices and experiences on the subject...






2008-03-11 21:12:33     Re: Lighttpd Blackfin CGI framework

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 52357    people have used php on the Blackfin before.  building php for the cgi version should work OK.


shell will also work, but obviously can be painful when doing anything but the basic stuff


and compiled language like C or C++ will be a huge pain as you attempt to do string manipulations


perl is very difficult to cross-compile if you want anything but micro-perl ... and that means just the very core perl language, no add on modules




2008-03-12 03:50:15     Re: Lighttpd Blackfin CGI framework

Andrea Federico Grisotto (ITALY)

Message: 52368    Hi Philippe,

I use PHP with bf537 and it works very well but it is huge and in our exprerience cause memory fragmentation.

I am considering to use the Lua scipt language instead of php.




2008-03-12 03:59:00     Re: Lighttpd Blackfin CGI framework

Philippe Le Gal (FRANCE)

Message: 52371    Hi Andrea and Mike


I don't know very well perl and I'm affraid about the huge memory print of PHP.

I think I'll try Lua and recompile Lighttpd with its support.

I'll feedback on the mailing list.