2008-03-11 10:57:15     General Questions about compiling

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2008-03-11 10:57:15     General Questions about compiling

Stephan Herz (SWEDEN)

Message: 52334    Hi!



We started to use our BF537 with the last Release 2007R1.1-RC3 and it works stable but as soon we try to use software like appweb, openssl, ssh, it dosn't compile.


I installed several uclinux version on several machines,  like the last SVN-trunk version , the uClinux-dist-2008R1-RC1 etc but I will get almost the same error messages.


For example have you ever tried to  compile appWeb?  In all versions you will get:


*** No rule to make target `conf/make.os.bld_cpu', needed by `make.os'.  Stop.


This file is missing if you do some googling you will find a solution but anyhow my problem is not appWeb it's the fact that's

almost impossible for me to compile  the most software without spending hours of finding patches etc.



Is this a problem in general or is it just me who is having those  kind of beginner problems ?









2008-03-11 11:40:07     Re: General Questions about compiling

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 52338    it's hard to speak in generalities on this topic, so lets stick to specifics ... there are many applications we import from upstream uclinux-dist that may or may not work as we've never really tested it


appweb is one of those applications ... it's known to be a flaky build system and we havent poked it much


2007R1 did not have openssl integrated into it so selecting it would of course lead to a build error ... 2008R1 includes it and it built fine for me last time i tested it


we suggest dropbear for ssh rather than openssh as it is much much smaller and does not require openssl