2008-03-05 11:33:10     dhcp client detecting link down

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2008-03-05 11:33:10     dhcp client detecting link down


Message: 52115    Pardon me for asking something that must have already been asked before, but I have not been able to detect any links to what I want.


I am currently using dhcpd-new to provide my dhcp client service.  One thing it does not appear to do is to be able to detect when the ethernet link goes down (e.g. pulling the cable.)   Ideally, I would have it try to renew the lease when the link comes back up just in case the interface has been plugged into a new network.


Is there preferred scheme for doing this under uClinux?


Any ideas as to ioctl calls that I could use to get this information so that I could force dhcpcd to renew the lease?



Doug Bailey




2008-03-05 11:57:17     Re: dhcp client detecting link down

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 52118    afaik, it's a MAC driver issue ... i'm guessing you're using a BF537 part which means the bfin_mac driver and our driver does not implement the low level ethtool ops (just yet) which expose the link status and media and other fun features


you can track the issue here: