2008-02-20 09:48:20     ADV 7183 driver check

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2008-02-20 09:48:20     ADV 7183 driver check

sathish kumar (HAITI)

Message: 51351    hai all,


        i'm trying the PPI driver by zhi chen lee as my driver and bfin_capture.c as my application to check for the data in the SDRAM in  BF561 Ekit lite. I made some modifications in the application jus to check, in the driver the code hangs up at the following function which is  in bold.


source copied and pasted.

if (pdev->nonblock)

      return -EAGAIN;

else {

        pr_debug("PPI wait_event_interruptible\n");

        printk("\n in_wait\n");

        ierr = wait_event_interruptible(*(pdev->rx_avail), pdev->done);

        printk("\n aftr_wait\n");

             if (ierr) {

                  /* waiting is broken by a signal */

                         pr_debug("PPI wait_event_interruptible ierr\n");

                           return ierr;



i have seen the topic regarding this already in the forums

i made the necessary switch settings and RESET flag and OE FLAG for ADV 7183.






but i did get the  desired  output  from that  discussion,  have anyone  over come  this problem .


Ideas are appreciated.






2008-02-24 22:23:08     Re: ADV 7183 driver check


Message: 51568    Looks we don't have adv7183 driver in our tree yet?