2008-02-19 08:55:40     Re: testing video input

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2008-02-19 08:55:40     Re: testing video input

kanal kannan (INDIA)

Message: 51273    Hi all,


I'm using BF561 ezkit lite and i've shifted to uclinux. I know that the video decoder ADV7183 doesn't support uclinux. My  idea  is to give  video  input  from a  vcd player  and  check whether  the video data  is  present  in the  SDRAM  buffers.  I've enabled the PPI0 driver , V4l2 . In the root prompt there is no node such as "/dev/video0" present in the devices folder. What should i do inorder to get the video data in SDRAM, is it enough if i just enable PPI0, V4l2 driver and write an application to capture data. Because there's a PPIFCD driver for grabbing video frames from the camera, similarly do i need a driver for capturing video from the VCD player. There are separate nodes for fb0, ppi0 & video4linux devices which are present in the devices of the root prompt. And if so what is the method to enable the node separately for video. What are the switch settings that needs to be done in the BF561 ezkit to achieve this functionality. Moreover i want to check whether the video data is captured properly, is there any way which we can check this functionality.


Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.







2008-02-19 12:08:18     Re: testing video input

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 51289    you will need a driver for each piece of hardware you want to utilize ... that means you'll need one driver for capture and one driver for display, and you'll need an application to handle the communication between the two points


the existence of the device nodes is not indicative of the status of the drivers ... with 2007R1, all the device nodes were static which means they were created regardless of a driver being installed to service the major/minor


there is no documentation for the BF561-EZKIT in this regard as the drivers have not been developed