2008-02-11 16:16:27     Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

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2008-02-11 16:16:27     Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Michal Steyn (AUSTRIA)

Message: 50910    I am new to Skyeye and uCLinux. I am working on a project using a Blackfin bf533 processor.


I am trying to configure my system but I cannot get any uCLinux image to run successfully on Skyeye.


I am running Ubuntu 7.10.

uCLinux ver: uClinux-dist-2007R1.1-RC3

Blackfin Toolchain Ver: 07r1.1-4_i386

Skyeye Ver: 1.2.4


I followed the following steps:


    1. I installed the Blackfin Toolchain

    2. I compiled the uCLinux image using the toolchain.

    3. I installed and compiled Skyeye.

    4. Installed the Skyeye testsuite.

    5. Tried to run my uCLinux Image.

    6. Tried to run the Test Suite Image.



Neither of these images worked.

Every time I try to run my Image I get the error:


    Illegal instruction (core dumped)


    See attached source for the full listing: myImageScreenDump.txt



Every Time I run the Test Suite Image, I get the error:


    0x00000000-0x00000000 : "EXT2fs"

    mtd: partition "EXT2fs" is out of reach -- disabled

    uclinux[mtd0]: set EXT2fs to be root filesystem

    end_request: I/O error, dev mtdblock0, sector 2

    EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock

    Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(31,0)


    See attached source for the full listing: skyeyeTestImageScreenDump.txt



I am at a point of desperation. I cannot find any documentation as to exactly what steps I need to follow to build the uCLinux Image. I found this site from Skyeye describing building the bf533 image: <a target="_new" href="http://skyeye.wiki.sourceforge.net/uClinux">http://skyeye.wiki.sourceforge.net/uClinux


    On the site they say the following: "# Build your own uClinux image. Note that cache option , network option should be check off. Dma mode of serial option should be changed to pio mode. And you should select sash as your default shell program. As fas as I know, busybox is not stalbe on skyeye."


    I know you have to run make xconfig to build the uCLinux Image, but where do you find these parameters, especially the pio mode ones, I can't find it any where.



All I want to do is make a basic image for the blackfin bf533 processor and run it on Skyeye. Am I missing something? If anyone knows of a good list of steps to build the images, configure the linux environment, or whatever else, please please send me the information. I am getting desperate.


Thank you so much.


Kindest regards







2008-02-11 17:27:11     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50912    skyeye will not work with any recent release ... it needs to be updated




2008-02-12 12:00:08     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Michal Steyn (AUSTRIA)

Message: 50946    What??? :-)


I don't know if I should be angry or happy hearing that :-)


I am still waiting for my evaluation board to arrive, so I really just want to use Skyeye to familiarize myself with blackfin, uClinux and programming in Linux.


Would it be possible for me to use older versions of uCLinux and Skyeye? I just want to use this until my board arrives.


If possible what versions should I use?


Is there any other emulation software available?




2008-02-12 16:08:03     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50947    i believe 2005R3 or 2005R4 should work ... you should be able to find both of those in the downloads page




2008-02-12 22:48:07     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533


Message: 50966    If you just want to try processor features (registers, instructions), not peripherals, the gdb simulator may be used: http://sunsite.ualberta.ca/Documentation/Gnu/gdb-4.18/html_node/gdb_137.html.




2008-02-14 07:19:56     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Michal Steyn (AUSTRIA)

Message: 51044    This might be a really stupid question, but I can't seem to find the older versions 2005R3 and 2005R4 on the blackfin.uclinux.org site. When I click on Files for uCLinux, I just get to a list of the latest releases.


Is there some archive where I can download them from?


Would you be so kind to send me a link.


Thank you so very much. This info saved my life.


Kindest regards

Michal Steyn




2008-02-14 07:35:30     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533


Message: 51046    Michal:


You just need a few more clicks...


Click on "Files", then click on "Blackfin Linux" (under Package Name).


You should be able to find 2005R3






2008-02-15 12:38:13     Re: Getting Started with Skyeye & bf533

Michal Steyn (AUSTRIA)

Message: 51113    Awesome :-)


I found it. Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it very very much.


Kindest regards,