2008-02-12 05:57:34     2008R1 and G.729

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2008-02-12 05:57:34     2008R1 and G.729


Message: 50923    Hi All,


At http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=uclinux-dist:release-notes:2008r1 I found the release notes for 2008R1, though no source/binaries are available yet for download, and I also see many RCs in SVN.

Does this document refer to the to-be-released version?


Another related question. In the release notes it is written:

* Add g729 lib in uclinux-dist to release under BSD-style license. Enable linphone to use g.729 lib.

I search the trunk and branches/2008R1 in SVN of uclinux-dist and couldn't find anything related to G.729.

Can someone give some information about this library, where to find it, and whether there is a way to link Asterisk against it?







2008-02-12 06:13:44     Re: 2008R1 and G.729

Andrea Federico Grisotto (ITALY)

Message: 50924    Hi Alex,

The g.729 library is in this dir: branches/2008R1/lib/libbfgdots






2008-02-12 21:49:35     Re: 2008R1 and G.729


Message: 50963    And you can find sample code using the libbfgdots/g729 library with linphone-1.6.0, in uclinux-dist/user/blkfin-apps/linphone/g729_patch/.




2008-02-12 22:08:51     Re: 2008R1 and G.729


Message: 50964    Alex, I am just waiting for a written confirmation from Sipro permitting us to distribute it in Astfin. I already hsve verbal permission. As soon as I get it, you will see it available in astfin2. Thanks, Mark




2008-02-13 14:15:57     Re: 2008R1 and G.729


Message: 51001    Mark:


If you get anything in writing from Sipro - can you share it? I only got things verbally.


standard disclaimers apply - I am not a lawyer,  this is not legal advice, if you are deploying a product that you think has IP in it, you should contact a person who is familiar with the laws of the country that you intend on shipping the product into to understand the issues of doing so.


What I was understood from sipro, was if the distribution was pure software, and was open source, and not being distributed as part of a hardware product that might compete against someone who had a sipro license - they were OK with the G gots being open source, and being distributed in any form. They may have different opinions of distribution as part of astfin, or distribution as part of the IP04 (or like product).


This is purely speculation, and personal opinion. - The more people using the G dots, the more licensees Sipro has. If everyone on the planet decides the licensing terms are unacceptable, and uses speex instead, sipro disappears. It is in sipro's best interest for the G dots to continue to be the standard, and then they have lots of OEMs (which pass the costs to the end users) to extract licensing fees from.


Again - purely speculation, and personal opinion - if you have a license from Sipro - one of the questions is - can you distribute it as part of a GPL applicaiton? The GPL (both 2.x and 3.x) is pretty clear - (in the preamble of v2) "we have made it clear that any patent must be licensed for everyone's free use or not licensed at all." Unless sipro will  give you a license to distribute at zero cost, you can't do it. (section 7 of v2 "If you cannot distribute so as to satisfy simultaneously your obligations under this License and any other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence you may not distribute the Program at all.") In my opinion this means - you also need a non-GPL license if you want to distribute things. You may not be breaking the Sipro license, but you may be breaking the Asterisk, or Linphone GPL license. Luckily - Asterisk is available under a non-GPL license - Linphone is not, which is why as Yi pointed out - we distribute a patch, and did not send this upstream. This may cause anyone who uses the patch, and distributes the result to break the GPL, but we don't. (which I agree is pretty sketchy - but that is the best we could come up with and show people how to use the gdots lib without writing our own app from scratch).