2008-02-05 19:31:58     bf548 - sport 2/3 help

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2008-02-05 19:31:58     bf548 - sport 2/3 help


Message: 50719    Hi all,


Well, I've attempted to get SPORT 2 and 3 working on the bf548 but I'm having some issues.  See my patch here: http://blackfin.uclinux.org/gf/project/uclinux-dist/tracker/?action=TrackerItemEdit&tracker_item_id=3887


I'm using 2008R1-RC1.


The config I send to the device via the ioctl is:

.fsync = 1

.late_fsync = 1

.lsb_first = 1

.word_len = 24

.dma_enable = 1


The data I get when I do a read has extra data in there.  Here is an example


1111 xxxx 2222 xxxx 3333 xxxx 4444 xxxx


where 'xxxx' is 16 bits of zero, the rest of the data appears fine.


If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it...








2008-02-06 04:20:44     Re: bf548 - sport 2/3 help

Gyula Kovacs (HUNGARY)

Message: 50727    Hi Rob,


Just an idea: Did you check the DMA word size? On SPORT2/3 32-bit DMA mode is not supported (see page 11-5 in ADSP-BF54x Peripherals HR).


Best regards,





2008-02-06 12:46:14     Re: bf548 - sport 2/3 help


Message: 50767    Hi Gyula!


It looks like that was the problem:/  I need to learn how to read the datasheet better!  When I change the sport '.word_len=16' it works fine.  So, my patch to add SPORT 2/3 support to the bf548 works just fine   I probably should have the ioctl fail if you try to send a word_len > 16...


Thanks for the heads up!