2008-02-02 19:05:40     Enabling passwords for telnetd

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2008-02-02 19:05:40     Enabling passwords for telnetd

Steve Strobel (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50607    I would like to make telnetd require a password to connect, in the same way that SSH and ftp do.  I enabled the "passwd" command;  it works fine for changing the password that SSH and ftp require, but telnet doesn't require a password at all.


I am well aware that telnet sends passwords in the clear, but I have to accept connections from a particular client that not only can't (yet) do SSH, but has a brain-dead telnet client that doesn't support option negotiation;  I had to hack telnetd to keep it from even asking about the options.  Anyway, it now connects fine, but I need at least the minimal security that sending a password in the clear provides.


I found in the telnetd source that the symbol AUTHENTICATE could be defined to enable a bunch of options within telnetd itself, but the man page seems to suggest that it would typically rely on the "login" program to handle requiring basic username/password entry.  Does uClinux in single user mode and running Busybox use "login" in the traditional way?  What do I need to change to enable the password check?  If I need to #define AUTHENTICATE, where should I do it?  (It seems to be referred to in several files and I didn't find an option for it in the config system.)


Thanks for any suggestions,





2008-02-02 21:54:42     Re: Enabling passwords for telnetd


Message: 50608    I think you can do similar setup as the http://docs.blackfin.uclinux.org/doku.php?id=faq, "how to config user login?"