2008-01-24 06:13:08     MMC/SD broken?

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2008-01-24 06:13:08     MMC/SD broken?

Miquel Soler i Mir (SPAIN)

Message: 50082    Hello,


My name is Miquel Soler, I'm working with CM-BF537E and eval-board from bluetechnix.

The kernel is: Linux version 2.6.19-3-ADI-2007R1.1-SVN


I'm working with MMC and SD cards to store the program and test it. I don't like to lose all the data in reset.


The MMC and SD are working properly, I test diferents types and makers (SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend).


The problem is that 2 cards were broken after 60 day of working.

The wroked cards were:  

1) MMC + plus of 1GB from Kingston

2) SD of 1GB from SanDisk


With these cards I can work with fdisk without problem, but when I check the file system or mount the cards, the system tell me this:

end_request: I/O error, dev spi_mmc,sector 304872

end_request: I/O error, dev spi_mmc,sector 304880

end_request: I/O error, dev spi_mmc,sector 304888

end_request: I/O error, dev spi_mmc,sector 304896


spi_mmc: end_request: I/O error, dev spi_mmc, sector 0

buffer I/O error on device spi_mmc, logic block 0


I test these cards in USB card reader and they were working fine; then, I clean and fill up the card without problem.


Can somebody help me with this problem?




Miquel Soler i Mir                                             




2008-01-24 13:34:44     Re: MMC/SD broken?


Message: 50108    It may be better to try to understand why the card was broken on Linux - it is pretty hard to understand after it has been fixed somewhere else.


Did you try fsck.msdos or fsck.vfat?






2008-01-24 13:41:46     Re: MMC/SD broken?

Miquel Soler i Mir (SPAIN)

Message: 50109    I'm sorry for the incomplete information


I'm using EXT3 as a file system in all cards.


to create the file system:

mke2fs -j -c -L SD#1 /dev/mmc1


to check the file system:

e2fsck -p /dev/mmc1


to mount the card:

mount -t ext3 -o async /dev/mmc1 /mnt/mmc1


I don't understand why the cards are not working with uClinux and work with the Host?






2008-01-28 11:17:06     Re: MMC/SD broken?

Denis Benoist (FRANCE)

Message: 50236    Hello,


I have the same problem, when I use  the MMC  card and spi_adc.

if I don't use spi_adc everything works. I don't know why...