2008-01-28 05:10:38     Some reflection on the changes in uClinux

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2008-01-28 05:10:38     Some reflection on the changes in uClinux

Andrea Federico Grisotto (ITALY)

Message: 50207    I would like to make a few observations with you about the changes made in uClinux


(1) Boa has been removed and boa-new has been renamed boa.

Boa-new is not exactly only an improvement of boa, because boa support the https protocol,

search the macro SERVER_SSL in the code.

Boa-new does not support HTTPS natively, It is necessary to use an external tool as sslwrap for example.


(2) Packages have been moved inside directories with the version number.

This makes it difficult to use the diff tool in svn.

For example if in the new release of dropbear-0.50 there is only 1 line changed and I commit in svn

this new release and delete the old dropbear-0.49.

If I use svn diff between the two svn release I found dropbear-0.49 not exists

and there is a new directory named dropbear-0.50 and I can't see that only 1 line is changed.


What do you think of my thoughts?


Thank you





2008-01-28 05:35:48     Re: Some reflection on the changes in uClinux

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50210    you should open a bug about (1) so that we can forward port / push upstream and changes needed


for (2) ... while what you say is correct, i dont really think it matters.  you're talking about doing a diff between two versions of dropbear which can be accomplished trivially without svn.  i dont think keeping that information in svn is really important.  what matters is what changes are made between the upstream version and in our dist, and that should be retrievable even now.




2008-01-28 08:30:07     Re: Some reflection on the changes in uClinux


Message: 50227    Andrea:


The goal we had was to allow easy dropping of new packages into the uClinux-dist without making huge changes to them to get them to run.


It was not our goal to do version tracking of upstream projects - (if you want to know the differences between dropbear-0.49 and dropbear-0.50 - doesn't it make sense to go to http://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/CHANGES - the mainline project to look? Rather than our svn?)


Our goal is to keep track of the changes that we need to do to the mainline project that have not been accepted upstream - which was pretty difficult in the past, and now is trivial. It is also easier to manage both in the build, and if you want to move back to the old one - it is a one line change in a Makefile.


Does that make more sense?






2008-01-28 09:11:47     Re: Some reflection on the changes in uClinux

Andrea Federico Grisotto (ITALY)

Message: 50231    Thanks Mike and Robin, I understand your motivations.


Just a nice little note:

Create a directory for each new version does not allow subversion of saving the difference between the two versions,

this will cause tremendous growth of your svn repository,

I hope you have enough hard disk large (smile)


Thanks for your great work