2008-01-25 03:28:06     (BF537) faulty SPI read

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2008-01-25 03:28:06     (BF537) faulty SPI read

roger froysaa (NORWAY)

Message: 50127    Hi.


I'm running the svn version of uClinux (tested on rev 6002) on a BlueTechnix CM-BF537 and I'm seeing some strange SPI read-only behaviour. When reading e.g. 10 bytes the actual read cycle(s) goes on (on the hw level) to read on for some 90-100  bytes extra.


I saw that something like this was mentioned on the spi-devel mailing list (https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=200801241242.33444.david-b%40pacbell.net&forum_name=spi-devel-general). This may not be the very same thing. Have any of you seen this? It seems to happen when I read more than 6 bytes at a time.


I haven't started looking deeply into it - hopefully there is already a patch for it


EDIT: I'm running a sepatate GPIO line as slave select due to the nature of the device I'm talking to, but I don't think this should matter. I don't request more than the specified number of data anyway.




Roger Froysaa




2008-01-25 11:45:09     Re: (BF537) faulty SPI read

Bryan Wu (CHINA)

Message: 50162    Hi Roger,


Is there any test code for me to reproduce this bug?

I remember we fixed similar bugs before:



Do you use DMA? what kind SPI device is under testing?