2008-01-24 10:13:48     BLUETECHNIX

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2008-01-24 10:13:48     BLUETECHNIX

Jean Navailles (FRANCE)

Message: 50096    Hi


I have some questions about uclinux on Bluetechnix boards.

Who maintain uclinux for Bluetechnix boards?

If I select Analog Device as vendor and BF537 STAMP as product,

    in Blackfin Processor Options

       System type

          Bluetechnix CM-BF537 can be checked.


Can this option be used?








2008-01-24 11:19:39     Re: BLUETECHNIX

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 50103    the bluetechnix guys maintain the bluetechnix stuff


you should keep the uclinux dist settings the same as the kernel ... so if you're targeting a tinyboard, you should have selected the appropriate vendor/board