2008-01-16 03:56:28     Unsupported Audio Codec in ffmpeg

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2008-01-16 03:56:28     Unsupported Audio Codec in ffmpeg

Ming Leung (CANADA)

Message: 49642    I am using the libavcodec in ffmpeg-svn-9768. I have successfully played an avi file which contains mpeg4 video and and mp2 audio. When I attempt to play a 3gp file which contains a H263 video stream and a samr audio stream, the ffmpeg complains the unsupported audio codec. Are there any specific configuration required to be set in ffmpeg lib to enable the amr audio codec?


Another question, does ffmpeg in the blackfin distribution support mp3 audio decoding?






2008-01-16 04:16:14     Re: Unsupported Audio Codec in ffmpeg

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 49643    the ffmpeg in our distribution is merely a copy from upstream.  ffmpeg does provide mp3 decoders, but i think they're all floating point, so you should use libmad instead.


for information on supported codecs, please refer to the upstream homepage: