2007-12-23 06:26:20     BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

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2007-12-23 06:26:20     BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Zaahir Khan (INDIA)

Message: 48922    Hello,


I am using BF561 customised board with silicon version 0.3.


Is it posible to upgrade SDRAM to 128MB now 64MB ??


We are using 2 chips of MT48LC32M16A2 micron make.


I have modified the config to


128   MEM_SIZE



Kernel is booting fine.... I feel


But mplayer application not working, which was working before upgrade(on 64 MB SDRAM)


Any help is highly appreciated.


Thanks & regards..




2007-12-23 07:21:02     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Bill Fassler (UNITED STATES)

Message: 48923   




Try this: MEM_ADD_WIDTH = 10.  I am in the middle of the same problem and from what I can tell from the data sheet this should be 10.






2007-12-26 05:53:15     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Zaahir Khan (INDIA)

Message: 48969    Dear Bill,


Thanks for your suggestions i tried with this modifications.

But when is set MEM_ADD_WIDTH = 10. I am not able to boot the kernel image.

I get the following problem.




## Booting image at 01000000 ...

   Image Name:   uClinux Kernel and ext2

   Image Type:   Blackfin Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)

   Data Size:    3079036 Bytes =  2.9 MB

   Load Address: 00001000

   Entry Point:  00001000

   Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC



Is there any else that i need to look into. Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in Advance.






2007-12-26 06:01:57     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 48972    changing the kernel settings should make no difference at all to u-boot ... most likely you have incorrect memory settings in u-boot as well, and so it isnt functioning properly


please use the "mtest" u-boot command to check your sdram settings




2007-12-27 11:52:30     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Bill Fassler (UNITED STATES)

Message: 49056    Zaheer,  a width of 10 is the correct size, the fact that you continue to have trouble (even more trouble perhaps) is an indication that Mike Frysinger's comment about your whole memory configuration settings may be incorrect is most likely true.  For instance, if you are booting up u-boot from FLASH, then it is not setting the registers (things like SDRRC, SDBCTL, SDGCTL etc) correctly.  If by chance you are running u-boot directly from SDRAM then that part of the code in u-boot isn't executed and you will have to manually set them using VDSP or some other peek-n-poke method.


I think (I am not hooked up to our custom board now) the main thing is that the SDGCTL register must know you have 128Mb of RAM and if my calculations were correct that register should be set to 0000 0027.


Basically I think you are moving in the right direction, the fact you can't boot just means you changed some of the settings to 128Mb successfully while other settings remain at 64Mb.


Either that or you simply managed to put on a corrupted image somehow.


I hope this helps.




2008-01-09 08:04:03     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Zaahir Khan (INDIA)

Message: 49394    Bill,


Thanks for your replay.


My problem still persist,


I have used the same u-boot_1.1.3 for 64M & 128M SDRAM,


but it works for 64M SDRAM only.


I have done following modification


in file :-       include/configs/ezkit561.h


#define CONFIG_MEM_SIZE                     128 (64)

#define CONFIG_MEM_ADD_WDTH        10   (9)

#define CFG_MAX_RAM_SIZE                  0x08000000 ( 0x04000000)


in file:-             board/bf561-ezkit/config.mk


TEXT_BASE = 0x07FC0000 (for 64M value is 0x03FC0000)


not sure about this value of TEXT_BASE, getting error, so modified according to CFG_MONITOR_BASE  value for 128M SDRAM.


I am booting up u-boot from FLASH.


Other settings are as previous.......


in file :- include/asm-blackfin/mem_init.h


#define mem_SDBCTL      ( SDRAM_WIDTH | SDRAM_SIZE | EBE )      0x00000027

#define mem_SDRRC       ((( CONFIG_SCLK_HZ / 1000) * SDRAM_Tref)  / SDRAM_NRA) - (SDRAM_tRAS_num + SDRAM_tRP_num)              0xED0

#define mem_SDGCTL      ( SCTLE | SDRAM_CL | SDRAM_tRAS | SDRAM_tRP | SDRAM_tRCD | SDRAM_tWR | PSS )          0x9088CD

"If my calculations are correct values are in BLUE color".


Is the TEXT_BASE value I have to change or  something else.


Any help highly appreciated.


Thanks & regards..




2008-01-09 09:59:55     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Bill Fassler (UNITED STATES)

Message: 49396    Zaahir,


I have not yet pushed my code back into the distribution and didn't intend to do so until my boards were entirely up and running correctly, but since my SDRAM and FLASH seem to be functioning correctly I will provide you with my files in hopes that they help you.


If I missed a relevent file feel free to tell me.









2008-01-10 09:21:44     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Zaahir Khan (INDIA)

Message: 49445    Thanks Bill,


I have modified my files, but fail the get the result.


If I comment try to TEXT_BASE  in config.mk , getting error.


I have attached my files, please tell me where I am getting wrong.


I have also attached hyperTerminal debugs for 64M SDRAM & Makefile,


for some...... help in tracing my problem.


Thanks & regards..









2008-01-11 09:50:04     Re: BF561 SDRAM 128 meg

Zaahir Khan (INDIA)

Message: 49504    Hi Bill,


Thanks for your support.


It works!!!


I was using u-boot_1.1.3 changed to u-boot_1.1.6


with SDRAM modification u-boot comes up.


thanks & regards..