2007-10-31 11:24:27     2.6.24 merge

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2007-10-31 11:24:27     2.6.24 merge

Andrew Seddon (UNITED KINGDOM)

Message: 46207    Hi Guys,


Just wondering what the plan for 2.6.23->24 is? I see there's a new SDIO/SPI stack and Atheros AR6K support which would be really useful here.






2007-10-31 12:16:51     Re: 2.6.24 merge

Bryan Wu (CHINA)

Message: 46210    Hi Andrew,


As you know, Blackfin Linux release is based on our development status. Normally we will provide 2 releases every year.


So 2007R2 will use 2.6.22.y kernel. And 2008R1 kernel version is not decided yet, maybe 2.6.23 or 2.6.24.

It depends on the upstream status and our development, because we just provide tested and validated Blackfin Linux solution for customers.







2007-10-31 12:24:38     Re: 2.6.24 merge

Mike Frysinger (UNITED STATES)

Message: 46212    we do not move to kernels that have not been released


so there cant be a plan for using 2.6.24 if it isnt even released yet




2007-10-31 13:01:15     Re: 2.6.24 merge

Andrew Seddon (UNITED KINGDOM)

Message: 46213    ok. I'm going to see what's involved in backporting the 2.6.24rc SDIO stack into the current ADI release. There are some neat Atheros AR6K 802.11g modules on the market that would be a much better solution than the current Prism CF stuff.




2008-01-08 19:12:58     Re: 2.6.24 merge

Terry Markovich (UNITED STATES)

Message: 49374    Andrew,


Have you had any success with an SDIO/802.11g solution?