FAQ: Can I place DATA in CODE memory and vice-versa?

Document created by PrasanthR Employee on Jul 25, 2013
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AD CM408F (an example package used for explanation) has 384KB of internal SRAM memory that may be used as CODE or DATA. This is allowed in 64KB chunks of SRAM that can be configured as either DATA or CODE at a time. However, this orginization is only to facilitate performance, so that SYS Bus (DATA) and I/D Code buses (CODE) conflicts are avoided. Cortex M4 memory standard allows one to place CODE in DATA region and vice versa. This is supported in CM40x as well. This may come handy if user has to deal with small chunks of DATA that cannot be justified to occupy entire 64KB, which may better used to configure for CODE althouth with some memory allocated for DATA. This approach maybe used for CODE placement in DATA as well.