FAQ: ADIS16448 Code Examples

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Jun 16, 2013
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Do you have any starter code for working with the ADIS16448?



Yes, we do. The ADIS16448 operates as a "SPI slave," which many embedded processors support with a dedicated interface, configuration registers and communication registers.  Managing the actual communication is fairly simple, from a firmware point of view.  The attached file contains a project file, for the VDSP ADSP-21469 processor.  It provides the register map, runs the SPI at 1 MHz, incorporates minimum delays for SPI traffic, reads the PROD_ID register, sets the decimation filter to reduce the output data rate by a factor of 4, and gathers 4000 samples (20 seconds at ¼ sample rate) which can be plotted using the VDSP workspace.vdw file.


This project file includes the following features:

  • header file for register address definition
  • code for SPI port configuration
  • code for single-register reads and writes
  • interrupt service routine that reads inertial data after every DIO1 pulse. 


We hope that this code is useful for you.  Please note that this code has only been tested on a limited number of systems. While this code functioned correctly at the time of posting, this post does not automatically track updates for the DSP programming tools.  Anyone using this code must take responsibility for verifying functionality and reliable operation in their system.


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