What is ADIsimPower?

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ADIsimPower is a collection of downloadable Excel spreadsheets that produce complete power designs optimized to your design goals. Get a schematic, bill of materials, and performance data customized to your specific needs in minutes. Select your favorite inductors, FETs, diodes and capacitors. You can even order an evaluation board to build and test your design. ADIsimPower can optimize designs for cost, area, efficiency, and parts count. The designs produced are so accurate our Power Application Engineers use them.


ADIsimPower is available at www.analog.com/ADIsimPower


The main difference between most power design tools and ADIsimPower is that all power losses in all external components are calculated with extreme accuracy, this include core losses in inductors, typically only found on some magnetic manufacturers web sites.

ADIsimPower is working with the leading component suppliers (FETs, Caps, Inductors and more) to identify and model the characteristics of these external components in the real operating conditions. Each design is unique and each design has to check millions of operating conditions and limitations in the IC itself and the external components.


ADIsimPower performs every design with optimization in mind, so it select the optimal external components to maximize performance, space and cost based on the entered design parameters. It answers questions like, it is better to use 2x 10uF caps in parallel or a single 22uF cap? This simple question can take even an expert power designer multiple iterations to decide depending on design constraints. Although most power designers would choose the single 22uF cap, often using 2x 10uF caps results in a cheaper and better performing design.


give it a try and you will see how many more simple scenarios like selecting a capacitor can be eased with ADIsimPower.


Good luck and we welcome your feedback