FAQ: ADIS16448 Flex Connector Supplier

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Where can I purchase the flex connector for connecting the ADIS16448AMLZ to the EVAL-ADISZ?



The short answer is that there is no small-quantity source for these flexible connectors. Flexible circuit connector design, production and purchasing is very similar to printed circuit boards, where suppliers only stock custom-products for those who can forecast and commit to a specific consumption rate. In order to help with short-term needs for this of connector, we partnered with a flex circuit provider (Samtec) to design and produce these flex connectors for use with the product breakout boards: ADIS16334/PCBZ, ADIS16445/PCBZ and ADIS16448/PCBZ. Samtec has give us permission to supply the design files and within these files, they have also provided recommendations for two suggested vendors. For those who plan to use this type of connector in their production designs, please feel free to use these design files to assist your design of a flexible circuit that meets your needs. Click here to access a previous discussion that contains these design files.


For those who have already made purchases of a unit (ADIS16448AMLZ, for example) and the EVAL-ADISZ, only to realize that they should have ordered the breakout board, send me a private message with your email and phone number.  While we cannot assure supply or short lead times, we will do our best to arrange for a separate purchase of this cable. Again, the least expensive and quickest access will be through the breakout boards, but we will do our best to help.


Note that the ADIS16334, ADIS16445 and ADIS16448 all share a common electrical interface, so this information applies to all three products.


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This FAQ was generated from the following discussion, but has been edited for current relevance: ADIS16448 Flex