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I would like to use Matlab to collect and analyze data from the EVAL-ADIS. How do I do this?



The file attachment, EVAL-ADIS_Matlab_2012-12-27-A.zip, provides two files (EvalAdisApi.dll and EvalAdisApiScript.m) that support Matlab data collection with the EVAL-ADIS, with the following limitations: 

  • 32-bit versions of Matlab only (not compatible with 64-bit versions)
  • Array size is limited to 32700 data samples
    • Total number of sample = 32700/(# of registers)
  • DIO2 configuration must be for a "positive data ready function"  See FNCIO_CTRL or MSC_CTRL registers, depending on the device under test (DUT).


Future posts will address these limitations, but having a data-ready signal (DIO2) is always going to be a requirement for synchronous data capture. 


Assuming that the EVAL-ADIS is already connected to a PC, which already has its drivers installed, use these steps to get started:

  1. Download the attached file
  2. Extract the two files and copy them into a folder that Matlab recognizes.
    See this link for further instructions on defining a path for access, while in the Matlab workspace. 
    1. http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/matlab_env/making-files-and-folders-accessible-to-matlab.html
  3. Use the M-script editor to open the EVALAdisApiScript.m file and configure it for the specific registers and number of data points.
  4. Run the script file from within the editor or type EVALAdisApiScript in the command prompt (Matlab workspace) and hit enter.



  1. The USB drivers for the EVAL-ADIS come with the IMU Evaluation Software download. Click here to access the download link for this package: http://www.analog.com/en/evaluation/EVAL-ADIS/eb.html#SOFTWARE_AND_TOOLS
  2. Exceeding the maximum number of samples can result in a loss of function, which may require a system restart (un-plug EVAL-ADIS, re-start Matlab or  a full PC reset) to recover from.
  3. The absence of a proper data ready signal can result in a loss of function, which may require a system restart (un-plug EVAL-ADIS, re-start Matlab or a full PC reset) to recover from.


We look forward to your feedback (post as replies to this post) and to providing further advancements in this function.