FAQ: How can I issue multiple Pre-Build or Post-Build Commands in CrossCore Embedded Studio

Document created by CraigG on Nov 27, 2012
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I am trying to issue multiple Pre-Build and Post-Build commands for my project in CrossCore Embedded Studio through the Project: Properties: C/C++ Build: Settings: Build Steps dialog. The Help states that I should use semi-colons to separate multiple commands, but only the first command gets executed.





CrossCore Embedded Studio is based on the Eclipse IDE, and the Help topic for this dialog is from the Eclipse Help. The use of semi-colons is for a Linux environment; for Windows the commands need to be separated by a double-ampersand "&&". e.g.


C:\analog\cces1.0.2\mem21k.exe -o ${OutDir}/SHARCDSP.ldr ${OutDir}/SHARCDSP.dxe && C:\analog\cces1.0.2\ElfSpl21k.exe -pm -f b -o ${OutDir}/SHARCDSP.stk  ${OutDir}/SHARCDSP.ldr