MLVDS FAQ: How is M-LVDS different to RS-485?

Document created by ColmR Employee on Nov 9, 2012
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Q: How is MLVDS different to RS-485?



RS-485 allows up to 32 unit load devices to be connected on the same bus. 

It has a higher differential voltage (1.5V) and larger common-mode range (-7V to +12V), which allow it to operate over long distances, up to 1.2km. 


These characteristics place a restriction on achieving high speeds.  M-LVDS sacrifices distance for speed, with lower differential voltages (480mV to 650mV) and common-mode range (-1V to +3.4V) allowing speeds of up to 250Mbps over shorter distances (10m to 30m, depending on jitter allowance and stub lengths).



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