Can the ADAU1772 be used with a TDM output stream that has an odd number of channels?

Document created by BillJ on Nov 2, 2012
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For an application that requires the ADAU1772 to be used with a TDM stream that has , for example, 5 channel slots, simply scale the BCLK accordingly on the master device.


* For this type of application, the ADAU1772 MUST be operating in SLAVE mode. It will not produce the proper BCLK required for an odd number of channels in TDM mode as a MASTER.*


The setting for Slave Mode can be found in The SigmaStudio software in the "Hardware Configuration" tab under the "Output/Serial Port" section.



BCLK is determined by multiplying the number of channels, sampling rate, and number of bits per channel.


For example:

     Sampling Rate = 8kHz

     Number of channels = 5

     Number of bits per channel = 32

     BCLK = 8000 * 5 * 32 = 1.28MHz


Notice how there are 5 channel slots worth of data for each LRCLK pulse.