FAQ: ADIS16228 Demonstration, Compressor Case

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Nov 1, 2012
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Do you have any examples for using the ADIS16228 Evaluation Software and Tools?



Yes, here is a simple example, which involved measuring the vibration on the case of a compressor. In this example, we taped the ADIS16228/PCBZ to the top of the compressor, used a ribbon cable (6 inches) to connect it to J1 on the ADISUSBZ. The video provides a quick overview of the application and the three pictures represent the FFT output from the ADIS16228, when the compressor was off, when it was idling and when it was fully operational. From these pictures, one can easily see the difference in vibration on the compressor's case.



Figure 1. Compressor Completely Off



Figure 2. Compressor Idling



Figure 3. Compressor On


The following video shows the actual compressor.




  1. Cursor demonstration to identify the magnitude, FFT bin and center frequency of the vibration components
  2. Illustrate the impact of the FFT averaging
  3. Demonstrate the Spectral Alarms