FAQ: ADIS16228/PCBZ Breakout Board Cables

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I see that the ADIS16228/PCBZ has a 16-pin interface connector. Do you sell cables that will help me connect this to my embedded processor systems?



On the ADIS16228/PCBZ, J1 is a dual-row, 16-pin, 2mm connector interface that is compatible with standard, 1mm ribbon cable systems. Analog Devices does not sell ribbon cable connectors or assemblies, but there are other companies that provide full cable assemblies or the raw materials required for assembly. For example, check out www.samtec.com/TSCD and click on "Build A Part Number." Here is an example, that is based on Samtec's web site (November 1, 2012). The boxes reflect input options. Since the connector ends are "dual-row," setting the POSITIONS equal to 8 actually reflects 16 pins on each socket connector. For systems that plan to hand-solder to points on their embedded processor board, changing the END ASSEMBLY to "S:Single End" might be worth consideration. In this example, we selected a LENGTH of 6 inches.  For SPI communications, signal integrity is important. Without the use of drivers, damping resistors and filter capacitors, we have found that we can achieve reliable communication over 12 inches of this type of cable. Longer lengths will probably work, but may require additional attention to assure appropriate timing and signal integrity. 


After you click on Use The Part, the web site will tell you the suggested part number and will also tell you if this is a standard part number.



For direct connection to the EVAL-ADIS evaluation system, we would suggest using a length of 2 inches, which would generate the following part number:TCSD-08-D-02.00-01.


We sincerely hope that this information helps you. This post is intended to reflect the style of conversation that we might have, while working in the lab, but it not intended to recognize Samtec as an "official" or "preferred" cable supplier for ADIS16xxx customers. While Samtec has provided the ADIS16228 team with excellent service, we cannot be responsible for managing this relationship for our customers. We encourage your to find a quality connector/cable supplier that meets all of your needs. If you have any issues with Samtec's web site, service or products, please contact their customer service team or your local sales representative.


Finally, does anybody else have suggestions for this question?  We would encourage you to share your experiences through comments.