ADL5601/2: Replacing Wirewound inductors with multilayer chip inductors

Document created by bkamak on Oct 30, 2012
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Q. The ADL5602 datasheet recommends using a 470nH Coilcraft 0603LS-NX wirewound inductor for DC bias. Is it possible to achieve comparable performance with a Multilayer chip inductor, which tends to be cheaper than a wirewound inductor?


A. Yes, it is possible to achieve comparable performance using multichip inductors. The document attached presents results from the evaluation of the ADL5602 with a 100nH Murata multilayer chip inductor. These results demonstrate that a multilayer chip inductor might be an acceptable substitute depending on application requirements. Care must be taken to ensure that the multilayer chip inductor has adequate current carrying capability and Self Resosnant frequency (SRF) necessary for the device operation and application.