Hand soldering the dual belly pad ADP2384

Document created by power-layout-guy on Oct 29, 2012
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I would like to post a video on hand soldering the ADP2384 IC. This part is a little different because it has two belly pads. To make matters difficult they are different nets, GND and Switch node. If a short occurs under the chip, it’s time to replace the IC.


Please see the video tutorial in the link



I like to preheat the board and add solder to the belly pads. Be careful not to add too much solder to the pads. Too much solder will increase the chance of shorting under the IC. I like to use a thick ( sticky) flux on the board before I attempt to solder the IC. Once the IC is in place, you may notice the IC is not sitting flat on the board, and that is okay. If you can get one or more of the sides soldered down that is great. Heat the IC with the hot air tool and watch as the IC drops and gets pulled into place by the solder. Now you can solder any remaining pads.  After you have cleaned up the solder area, visually inspect the exposed pins. Check for solder shorts, and un-soldered pins.


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