Can I use SigmaDSP to decode MP3/WAV/AAC?

Document created by BrettG on Oct 15, 2012
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I have read through SigmaDSP datasheet, and I find no related information on the MP3/WAV/AAC decoding engine for SigmaDSP.


Is there any available audio decoder for SigmaDSP like those modules for Blackfin?


Also, is there support for formats like Dolby AC3?



The SigmaDSP's core is not capable of frequency domain processing, and therefore it cannot be used to decode/encode MP3/WAV/AAC like the Blackfin or Sharc. SigmaDSP simply takes linear PCM data in and processes it before outputting it as linear PCM data. It is therefore usually referred to as a "post-processor", since it is not involved in any tasks other than audio signal processing.




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