Hand soldering a 12 pin LFCSP

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here is a video of how I solder the LFCSP parts in our lab. This part happens to be the ADP2442 a 12 pin LFCSP. I would like to note that I am NOT using Pb free solder.




In the video, I heat the board with the hot air tool, apply flux to the pad and place a small amount of solder on the belly pad. Next, a sticky flux is applied to the footprint, the part is placed on the pads. Try to line up the pads as best you can. The hot air tool is used to re-flow the solder on the belly pad. Take care not to overheat the part or board. Once the solder has re-flowed, remove heat and solder the pins. Sometimes, you might have to re-flow the solder again, make sure the IC is soldered flat to the board.


hope this helps.