FAQ: What are board support packages, and do I need one?

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What are board support packages (BSPs)?

Board support packages are separate software packages that provide support for a particular Blackfin or SHARC evaluation board. They include the user manual for the evaluation board: once the BSP is installed, the manual is available from the IDE Help menu. BSPs are free to download and use, and do not require a separate license to be installed in CCES.


Blackfin BSPs include device drivers and examples that demonstrate the features of a particular evaluation board. More specifically, they include device drivers and examples for off-chip peripherals and examples for on-chip peripherals using the device drivers provided in CCES.



SHARC BSPs include example programs that demonstrate the use of off-chip and on-chip peripherals on a particular evaluation board.

Where can I download the BSP for my evaluation board?
To find the BSP for your particular evaluation board, go to its product page and follow the download link in the Product Downloads section.  The BSP links will be available soon after the launch of CCES 1.0.1. 

Links to all evaluation board product pages are available here:

Blackfin Tools Selection Table

SHARC Tools Selection Table 

Do I need to download and install a BSP to be able to connect to my evaluation board?
No, CCES includes the driver and software necessary to connect to all supported evaluation boards.


Do I need a BSP to develop code for my custom design board?

No, you do not need to install a BSP if you want to develop for your custom design. CCES contains the toolchain and all the libraries in support of the processor.


Where can I find a list of examples available in each BSP?

A list of examples included with each BSP can be found here.





The CCES Example Browser, available from the IDE Help menu, can be used to locate all installed examples, whether installed with CCES, an Add-In, or a BSP. You may wish to download and install BSPs for other eval boards, if they include an example that interests you, and which is not available in the BSP for your particular evaluation board.