FAQ: Vibration Analysis with the ADIS16228

Document created by NevadaMark Employee on Sep 18, 2012
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How can I test the ADIS16228 evaluation tools?




The ADIS16228http://www.analog.com/ADIS16228is an advanced vibration sensor, that includes a tri-axial accelerometer, data capture, FFT analysis and spectral alarms.  In order to test this product on a PC-based platform, use the ADIS16228/PCBZ with the ADISUSBZ evaluation system. The ADISUSB User Guide (UG-363) provides all of the details that are necessary for installing the ADIS16228/PCBZ on the ADISUSBZ system, but here are some tips to remember:

  • Make sure that JP1 is set to +3.3V
  • When connecting J1 on both boards, make sure that you align pin 1
  • For the ADIS16228/PCBZ, J1 has 16 pins, while the ADISUSB comes with a 12-pin ribbon connector. Per UG-363, either cut pins 13-16 from J1 on the ADIS16228/PCBZ or make a 16-pin, 1mm ribbon cable for this purpose.

Once the physical setup in complete, download the ADIS16228 evaluation software package from www.analog.com/ADISUSB (under Software and Tools) and follow the installation instructions in UG-363.  After installing the software, plug the ADISUSBZ into the PC-USB port and follow the instructions in UG-363 for installing the USB drivers.  Once that the driver installation is complete, start the software package and make all of the following changes to the main screen.  See the red circles in the figure below, to identify all of the necessary settings.






Here is an example of how to create "vibration" for a demo like this.