FAQ: Why am I receiving a message about my license expiring in x days?

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Q: When working with CCES I encounter a message, saying that my license number is about to expire in <xx> days. Why is this?




A: The reason for this error message depends on the type of license you are working with.


If you are working with a Full license, and opted not to make use of the One Step Activation utility, you are given a 10 day period to register and apply a validation code. If you do not apply a validation code within the 10 day timeframe your license will expire and you will be unable to make use of the tools until a validation code is applied. After validation a Full license becomes permanent.


If you do not have a Full license and are instead working with an Evaluation license, there are two reasons why you might be encountering this message. The first reason is that an Evaluation must be registered and validated within 10 days. This message could just be a reminder for you to apply a validation code.


Refer to page 21 - “License Activation Methods” of the CrossCore Software Licensing Guide for more information regarding registering and validating licenses.


The second reason for this message when working with an Evaluation license is, once the validation code has been applied the license will become active for 90 days, the message you are receiving will be indicating you’re nearing the end of this 90 day period. After the 90 days have passed the license will expire, if you wish to continue working with the tools you will need to purchase a Full license.


Note, an Evaluation license can only be installed once on any particular machine. We recommend you contact your local Distributor/Sales Office for information regarding pricing of a Full license. You can find your local Sales Office here.



For more information regarding CrossCore Embedded Studio Licensing, including license activation please see the CrossCore Software Licensing Guide.