FAQ: What is the difference between a license expiring, and a subscription ending? How do I renew a subscription?

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What is the difference between a license expiring, and a subscription ending? How do I renew a subscription?





License expiration refers to the overall viability of a license. When a product’s license expires, that product is disabled.

If installed but not activated, a license allows a grace period of 10 days use of the product before it expires and the product becomes disabled.

The license can be re-enabled by activation. Once activated, CCES evaluation licenses will permanently expire after 90 days and full licenses will never expire.

See “License Types” on page 1-4 of the CrossCore Software Licensing Guide for more information.

License subscription determines which product versions can be used with a license. A user may install and use new versions of their product, and updates to it, only if they have an active subscription.

Subscription starts when a full license is activated, and ends one year from that date unless a maintenance license is purchase and activated, renewing the subscription period for a further year.

Evaluation licenses for CCES do not enable a subscription period, and evaluation licenses for CCES Add-ins enable a 90 day subscription period.

A subscription example: A full license with a one year subscription period is activated on June 1, 2012. This enables the installation and use of products with release dates up to and including June 1, 2013. To install and use products with release dates beyond this date, the user must purchase and activate a maintenance license for that product.

Since a full license never expires, the products that were released before a subscription period ends will continue to function indefinitely, even after the subscription period has ended.

Checking the status of your license

To check the expiration and subscription status of a license, go to Help->Manage Licenses.

- The Status column shows what type of license is installed (Evaluation or Full), whether it has been activated (‘Not Validated’ or ‘Validated’) and whether it will expire (‘Permanent’, ‘Expiring in X days’ or ‘Expired’).

– The Subscription column shows how many days are left before your subscription period ends, or that your subscription has ‘Not Started’ or ‘Expired’. Beginning 30 days before a subscription period ends, CCES will begin issuing a warning indicating the number of days are that are left.

: License expiration and subscription are not related to technical support. The purchase of a full CrossCore license entitles the user to one year of upgrades and lifelong support.

Renewing a Subscription


To renew a subscription, please contact you local ADI Sales Office or Authorized Distributor and purchase a maintenance license for that product.


University customers should contact the University Program (processor.university@analog.com) for information about a maintenance license.


For more information, please see the licensing please see the CrossCore Software Licensing Guide.