FAQ: Unable to set breakpoints within code in CCES

Document created by CraigG on Sep 18, 2012
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I’m unable to enter breakpoints in my code when using CCES. Why is this?





Breakpoints can only be set in the source window if the Compiler and/or Assembler have been set to generate debug information. If these options are not enabled for the project, then debug information will not be available to the IDDE. In turn, this means the IDDE will not allow the placement of breakpoints in the Source Window.


Debug information is generated by selecting the 'Generate debug information' check box which is available within the ‘General’ page of the ‘CrossCore C/C++ Compiler’ and ‘CrossCore Assembler’ tabs of the Project Properties. Please also make sure that you have NOT selected the ‘Strip Debug Information’ check box which is available in the General page of the CrossCore Linker tab of the Project Properties.


If you are not generating debug information, you can only set breakpoints in the disassembly window.


You can find information on breakpoints in CCES help using the following path:

<Help>\Contents\CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.0.x\Integrated Development Environment\Debugging Executable Files\Working with Breakpoints, Watchpoints, and Breakpoint Actions