FAQ: Imported CCES Example won't build; what is the procedure to import an example?

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I’m trying to work with one of your examples but after importing it, it won’t build successfully. Is there something I’m doing wrong?





Your problem is probably due to importing the example via File->Import and having the ‘Copy Projects into Workspace’ option being checked.  Note, this option is checked by default.


As stated within our EZ-Kit manuals, CCES users are encouraged to use the example browser to find examples included with the EZ-KIT Lite Board Support Package.


We only support using examples:


  • Via the example browser
  • Import in place in the installation

To avoid this issue, you should navigate to your workspace and delete the example - the default location for the workspace is: C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\CrossCore Embedded Studio\. Once deleted, you should then use the Example Browser which is available via Help->Browse Examples from within the IDDE.


For detailed information regarding this feature please use the following path in CCES Help:

<Help>\CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.0.x\Integrated Development Environment\Navigating Within the IDE\Help System\Viewing Examples\Example Browser.