FAQ: Why do I always find additional files called "system.svc" and "adi_initialize.{h|c}" in my CCES project?

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When I create a new CCES project, I always find additional files called "system.svc" and "adi_initialize.{h|c}" in my newly created project. What are these files used for?



These files are used for managing Add-ins in your project.


"system.svc" is an XML file that contains the installed Add-ins configuration set-up.


"adi_initialize.h" and "ad_initialize.c" are always created in the project's "system" folder. Add-in initialization code is automatically added to these two sources files when an Add-in is installed.



If I remove "system.svc" or "adi_initialize.{c|h}", will my project still work? And if my project does not work, how can I fix it?



If you have installed any Add-in in your project and you remove "adi_initialize.{c|h}", then your project may *not* work, because the Add-in may need to be correctly initialized.


Removing "system.svc" will not break your project build, however, you will not be able to see which Add-ins you have added to your project and you will not be able to add any new Add-ins or upgrade any Add-ins that you have already added to your project.


We strongly recommend that you always keep these files in your project. However, if by accident you have removed them, then here are several ways to get them back:

  • To restore "system.svc", right-click on your project and choose "New -> File". In the dialog, input the file name as "system.svc" and click "Finish". You should be all set!
    However, the "system.svc" file will be empty and you will be unable to configure the Add-ins that you have added to your project; the "System Configuration Overview" will be empty when you double-click the "system.svc" file.
  • To restore "adi_initialize.h" and "adi_initialize.c", you will need to add an Add-in back into your project. When an Add-in is added to your project, the adi_initialize.{c|h} source files will be re-created in your project.