FAQ: The Command Line Device Programmer (cldp) cannot connect to the target

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When running the CLDP to program my target, I get a connection error such as:

Error: 0x80048047

Error Description: Failed to initilize emulator




A common cause of this error is that the CrossCore Embedded Studio tools are still connected to the target, as part of a previously launched Debug Configuration. For example, an application that has run to its end at “__lib_prog_terminate”, the processor will be halted at a hidden breakpoint. The IDDE maintains a JTAG connection to the target - which will stop the CLDP connecting. Please ensure that you have terminated any debug session in CCES via the “Run: Terminate” menu option.


If the problem persists, please check the following:

First, ensure that you are passing the correct emulator type to the cldp via the “-emu” switch. The valid options are “100B” for the ICE-100B, “100” for the ICE-100, “KIT” for an EZ-KIT Lite via Debug Agent or EZ-Board via SADA/SADA2, “USB” for an ADDS-USB-ICE or ADZS-USB-ICE, and “HPUSB” for an ADDS-HPUSB-ICE or ADZS-HPUSB-ICE.


Next, ensure the correct processor is being specified using the “-proc” switch.


Check the Windows Device Manager to ensure your Emulator or EZ-KIT Lite is correctly installed.


Test your connection within the CCES IDDE, by using the ICE Test (see: FAQ: I cannot find the Target Configurator or ICE Test Utility in CrossCore Embedded Studio), and by creating a new Debug Configuration and connecting to your target.


If the problems persist, please contact Private Support.