FAQ: Trying to load an executable built for a.b silicon into a x.y silicon target. Continue?

Document created by CraigG on Aug 27, 2012
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When I launch a Debug Configuration in CrossCore Embedded Studio I encounter an error “Trying to load an executable built for 0.2 silicon into a 0.0 silicon target. Continue?”. How can I avoid this?




First, please be aware that this message is a warning only, and will not prevent you from loading your DXE, should you choose “yes” to continue. The warning exists to alert you to a mismatch between the Silicon Revision of the target, and the Silicon Revision being used by the build tools to determine which silicon anomaly workarounds should be implemented.


In CrossCore Embedded Studio, the silicon revision for the project is set via the “Processor Settings” tab under “Project: Preferences: C/C++ Build: Settings”. This should be set to match your target. If you are targeting multiple silicon revisions, we recommend building for the oldest silicon revision of your targets, and ignoring the warning when loading the DXE to newer silicon targets.