FAQ: Is a separate license required to use one of the CrossCore Embedded Studio Add-Ins?

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I am using CrossCore Embedded Studio and have a Full or Evaluation CCES license installed. Do I need a separate license to use one of the CrossCore Embedded Studio Add-Ins?






The only Add-ins which do NOT require a separate license to be installed is the lwIP Lightweight TCP/IP Stack for CCES and Board Support Packages (You will find the Board Support Package under the Software section of the specific EZ-Kit page. Go here for a list of EZ-Kits).


A separate license IS required for each of the following Add-Ins:


µC/OS-III™ Real-Time Kernel for CCES

µC/OS-II™ Real-Time Kernel for CCES

µC/USB™ Device Stack for CCES

µC/USB™ Host Stack for CCES

µC/FS™ File System for CCES


During installation of these Add-Ins, the installer will check for a valid license. If one cannot be located, you will be prompted to install one. A valid license must be installed, and activated, before installation of the Add-In can proceed.


Full details on the installation and activation of licenses can be found in the CrossCore Licensing guide.



NOTE: The only Add-Ins that supports an Evaluation license are μC/OS-III and μC/OS-II. Take a look at the following FAQ for information on how to install and use these Add-Ins with the Evaluation license: FAQ: How can I obtain a free evaluation license for the µC/OS Add-Ins?