FAQ: ADIS16480 Evaluation Software

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Does the EVAL-ADIS and IMU Evaluation software package offer support for the newly released ADIS16480?



Yes! IMU Evaluation, version 1.2, offers ADIS16480 support and introduces a brand new demonstration function, the 3-D View mode. It also offers all of the standard features: register access, data capture and the waveform recorder, which runs while the 3-D View mode is active. The next revision of UG-287 (EVAL-ADIS User Guide) will document these features in more detail, but here are some "sneak-peak" screen shots, along with some tips. The first figure offers the new menu option of "Demos." Click on this to access the 3-D Viewer. Prior to trying this, make sure that the "Devices" selection is "ADIS16480," since that is the only IMU product that offers the dynamic angle estimates at this time.



When you click on the Demo/3-D View option, here is the first screen that you will see. Start moving the ADIS16480/EVAL-ADIS around and observe the change in angles, as shown in the next figure.

NOTE: In order for the angular movement to have the same polarity and axial assignment, the y-axis must be pointed towards the "north," the x-axis must be pointed towards the "East" and the z-axis must be pointed "up," when the device goes through its start-up sequence, reset recovery or a "TARE" command.  Use the following figure as a reference in determining the starting orientation.






NOTE: In version 1.2.0 of the IMU Evaluation software, you need to re-size the demo window, in order for the "DUT RESET" and "Tare Reset" buttons to appear. Even a small re-size will suffice.