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What is CrossCore® Embedded Studio?

CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the Analog Devices Blackfin® and SHARC® processor families.  This Eclipse™ based, highly visual IDE enables seamless, intuitive code generation and debug support.  A highly integrated IDE, CrossCore® Embedded Studio is optimized for popular Micrium add-in components including real time operating systems (RTOS), USB and file system stacks. There is also integrated support for a TCP/IP stack. The IDE is combined with Analog Devices advanced optimizing compiler technology and supports standards such as ISO/IEC C and C++, MISRA-C, Embedded C and MCAPI, plus additional development features to get your product to market even sooner.

Further information can be found on the CCES product page.



Supported Processors

CCES 1.1.0 supports all Blackfin and SHARC processor families, with the exception of ADSP-BF535 and ADSP-210xx. For a list of supported processors, please see the…

CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.1.0 Release Note

Further information on getting started with CCES 1.1.0 can be found in the Release Note.


All Blackfin and SHARC manuals, including those relating to CCES, can be found on the following pages:

Blackfin Manuals
SHARC Manuals


CCES also has online Help, which includes both software and hardware manuals, and which can be accessed via Help -> Help Contents in the IDE.

Online Training Modules

These training modules are now available:

Introducing CrossCore® Embedded Studio

CrossCore® Embedded Studio: Online Training Overview

Navigating Through the CrossCore® Embedded Studio IDE

Creating, Configuring, and Building Projects

Debugging on a Hardware Target with CCES

Creating and Debugging a Boot Stream with CCES

Migrating from VDK to μC/OS-III™

System Services and Device Drivers for CCES

System Services and Device Drivers: Migrating from VDSP++ to  CCES

Evaluating CrossCore Embedded Studio

To evaluate CCES, first, download and install. When starting CCES for the first time, you will be prompted to install a license. Click ‘Yes’ to install a license and then, in the “Select License Type” window:

  • to begin a 90 day evaluation of CCES, select ‘I do not have a serial number and would like to evaluate the product, and in the “Select license activation method’ window select Install and activate a license on-line all in one step’. Upon clicking ‘Finish’, your evaluation license will be activated and your 90 day evaluation period will begin.


For further information on installing a license see the following FAQ:

FAQ: How can I obtain and install a licenses for CrossCore Embedded Studio?

Purchasing a full license for CrossCore Embedded Studio

A full license for CCES can be purchased on the product page, or from your local ADI sales office or authorized ADI distributor.

CCES License Subscription

The purchase price of CCES includes lifetime support and one year of updates. An annual license subscription fee for updates applies thereafter. The subscription period begins when a license is activated and ends one year from that date unless the subscription is renewed.  The subscription period remains active for another year after the subscription is renewed.

Updates are available throughout the entire license subscription period. Updates released after the subscription expires will not be available with the existing license. Renewing your license subscription allows instant access to all past updates.

For further information on CCES license types, subscriptions and installation see the
CrossCore Software Licensing Guide.

Related Products in the CrossCore Family

CrossCore Embedded Studio Add-ins

CrossCore Embedded Studio can work in concert with software add-ins and hardware as part of a comprehensive software development solution. 
All of these products install easily into the CCES environment, expanding the capabilities of the initial release, and are available to download from the following product pages:


NOTE: Apart from the lwIP TCP/IP stack, CCES Add-Ins require a separate license to be purchased and installed, before they themselves can be installed. For further information, please see the following FAQ:

FAQ: Is a separate license required to use one of the CrossCore Embedded Studio Add-Ins?



Board Support Packages (BSPs)


Board support packages are separate software packages that provide support for a particular Blackfin or SHARC evaluation board. BSPs are free to download and use, and do not require a separate license to be installed in CCES.  


Blackfin BSPs include device drivers and examples that demonstrate the features of a particular evaluation board. More specifically, they include device drivers and examples for off-chip peripherals and examples for on-chip peripherals using the device drivers provided in CCES.


SHARC BSPs include example programs that demonstrate the use of off-chip and on-chip peripherals on a particular evaluation board.


For further information, please see the following FAQ:

FAQ: What are board support packages, and do I need one?


Support Links


Questions about CCES and Add-Ins can be posted here in the CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-Ins community.
Questions specific to evaluation hardware, such as EZ-KITs and emulators, should be posted to the Hardware Tools community.
Questions specific to Blackfin and SHARC processor architecture, peripherals, programming, applications and hardware design, should be posted on the Blackfin Processors or Sharc Processors community.

Private email support is available by submitting a support request here.

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