How do I report a SigmaStudio bug?

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How do I report a SigmaStudio bug?




Since there is no public database for reporting SigmaStudio bugs, please post any bug reports you may have on the EngineerZone forum, in the SigmaDSP section. Please make a new thread for each issue.


In the subject line for the discussion, start with the words [Bug Report] (in square brackets), and then make a brief name for the bug. In this example, I named the discussion [Bug Report] Example. You could, for example, make a topic called [Bug Report] Filter Response Error.


Include the following information in your post:


Title: Brief name of the issue (include this in the subject line)

Description: A detailed summary of the issue, including instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and any other relevant information or project files.

SigmaStudio Version: The current version of SigmaStudio you are using.

OS: Your operating system, including service packs. Please also let us know if you are using an international localized version of Windows.


When the bug is fixed, I will change the subject line to [Bug Report] [FIXED] so other users will be aware of the update.


Please tag your post with "SigmaStudio" and "bug_report" using the Tags section on the posting page.


This FAQ was generated from the following discussion: [Bug Report] Example

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