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Earning Points and Increasing your Reputation on EngineerZone

    Status Levels


    You will notice when you begin to use EngineerZone that there is a status level associated with your profile.  Status levels are a way to highlight your expertise and activity in the community. 

    status level.png


    Everyone starts off at the "member" status level and can earn points to increase their status by becoming active in the community.  After reaching a certain number of points, you will move to the next status level.  Your status level will appear in your profile and under your avatar whenever you post.


    The status levels awarded on EngineerZone are as follows (from first to last):

    1. Member
    2. Contributor
    3. Regular Contributor
    4. Frequent Contributor
    5. Senior Contributor
    6. Premier Contributor
    7. Master
    8. Grand Master


    Earning Points


    Points are awarded for posting new threads and replying to existing threads.  To get credit for answering a question, and earn more points, you want your reply chosen by an author as the  'correct' answer in a thread. 


    The leaderboard featured on the community homepage shows the members who have provided the most correct answers during a specific timeframe.


    Marking Answers as Correct


    When you post a discussion question to the community, and someone posts an answer to that question, when you return to the thread you will be prompted to mark their response as the "Correct" or "Helpful" answer.


    correct or helpful answer.png


    Marking a reply to your discussion thread as 'helpful' or 'correct' will reward the EngineerZone member who took the time to answer your question with extra points toward their next status level and increase their standing on the leaderboard.  It also makes it easier for members to determine which replies in a discussion thread have already been answered.