FAQ: Visual DSP++ runtime error

Document created by Kader.M Employee on Jun 12, 2018
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I installed a Visual DSP++ 5.1.2 at my PC. When I open the Visual DSP++ Environment, it show the runtime error as attached. Why this happen and how to fix it? My PC has OS of Window 7



 Runtime Error






We have seen cases in the past where some limitations on the User account - due to User Account Control in the newer Windows Operating Systems - can cause issues with a VisualDSP++, as it requires registry access - something which Windows Vista, 7, and 8.x restrict very tightly, even for Administrator Accounts.


Can you please try navigating to the VisualDSP++ installation directory and locating the 'Setup.exe' file. Right-Click on this file, and select "Run as Administrator". When this launches, select the "Touch this installation" option.


Once that has completed, locate the "idde.exe" file within the 'System' folder of the VisualDSP++ installation. Right Click and again select "Run as Administrator".


If VisualDSP++ works correctly when doing this, it may then work without having to select the "Run as Administrator" option. However, if you find that it only runs when selecting this option, it can be enabled permanently by right-clicking on the "idde.exe" file, then selecting "Properties". Under the 'Compatibility" tab is an option to 'Run as Administrator' that can be enabled.


Note, we have an FAQ on the EngineerZone that explains the advantages of using 'Run as Administrator' on Windows 7:


Also refer the below FAQ: